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123 Electric Guitar Tuner

123 Electric Guitar Tuner is now live for all guitarists and afficionados of guitar
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Electric Guitar Tuner
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3 June 2014

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This software application helps tune an electric guitar.

This tuner is like an electronic version of the tuning fork. The way it helps tune up a particular guitar is that it can create a perfect tone for various musical notes as it would sound on each of the six strings of the guitar. To do that, it utilizes the sound card of the computer and generates these notes for you to tune up the particular string. The interface is simple; it looks like a sound box and has six selectors indicating the six strings. It also has a power on button indictor. There is a small display showing what kind of guitar you have selected. These could be standard, electric guitar tuner, choosing a Guitar Amp, bass tuner, acoustic guitar tuner, etc. The six strings to be selected are displayed with selector switches. Clicking on these turns the button the string indicator E, A, D, G, B and E.

A volume control button lets you change the volume of the computer sound output. You need to play the string on your electric guitar and tune it to match. Rinse and Repeat until each string is in tune. This helps your pitch and musicality. If you are a trainee, this tool is a great help in training your ear to the pure notes to be produced by the instrument. Trying to tune the guitar is an additional help in your musical training. Whether you are a learner or a professional with regular need for tuning up your instrument, this is a very good tool for the job.

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123 Electric Guitar Tuner is now live for all guitarists and afficionados of guitar. Pluck a crunchy note and wail. Forget about air guitar, start tuning by ear and play the electric guitar. Wake the neighbors with epic riffs that they crave. Tuning the electric guitar by ear is gaining ground in a world of lazy guitarists. It's like an interactive tuning fork. Tune each note and stick with standard tuning for starters. After that, it's time to master the world of open tunings and even try acoustic.
123 Electric Guitar Tuner
123 Electric Guitar Tuner
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